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Heavy Duty Web

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Types 3 and 4 Eye & Eye

Eye & Eye

The Type 3 Flat Eye & Eye is a popular, versatile sling used in vertical, choker and basket hitches. Easy to remove from underneath loads.

The Type 4 Twisted Eye & Eye has eyes turned at a right angle to the sling body. Forms a superior choker hitch and allows a better fit on crane hooks in basket hitches.
Type 5 Endless


The Type 5 Endless is an economical and adaptable sling with no fixed wear points. Used in vertical, choker and basket hitches.
Type 6 Reversed Eye

Reversed Eye

The Type 6 Reversed Eye sling is fabricated with wear pads on both sides of the body. It is stronger and more durable than other web slings.
Triangle and Choker

Triangle & Choker

Triangle & Choker slings have hardware on each end to produce the most effective choker hitch. Can also be used in vertical and basket hitches.
Triangle & Triangle

Triangle & Triangle

Triangle & Triangle slings have hardware on each end for use in vertical or basket hitches.
2 Legged Web Product Image

2 Legged Web Slings